Friday, 12 February 2016

Ten Reasons Why Person Of Interest Deserves Two More Seasons

A few months ago, Michael Emerson who plays Finch on the cult series Person of Interest spoke out about the show. It is his belief that the CBS network will not be renewing Person of Interest for a sixth season.

Now; nothing official has been released and it would not be surprising if CBS made this decision as the series ratings did start to fail once Detective Carter was killed off. Many fans were very angry about this and some stopped watching.

So, here are ten reasons why this show must remain in production for at least another two seasons:

1... It is the best show on TV right now.

2... Person of Interest is an original concept with a very unique premise and letting it go would be a terrible mistake.

3... Fans will never see another show as good as this one in this lifetime. All copies of this show will pale in comparison.

4... The show-runners have a lot more story to tell and the fans want to see that.

5... Person of Interest is relevant. This show is a prediction of how our world could become and that to me and many fans is must see and important television.

6... It is a TV show that is entertaining and also makes you think outside the box.

7... There are way too many TV shows around today that are simply mindless entertainment and serve only as background noise for some viewers, simply as a cure for boredom. Person of Interest is the total opposite.

8...More and more TV watchers want shows that have them on the edge of their seats and also make them use their brains.

9...Millions of fans adore this show, all over the world. More than the TV bosses realize.

10...And last but not least. This is the best TV show to come along in a long, long time and I seriously doubt that we will ever see anything as good as Person of Interest again.

And just for good measure, I would like to throw in the fact that this show and its actors are winning polls all over the Internet. Not to mention that Person of Interest won the People's Choice Award for best crime show on TV.

When I look back over this list, it appears to me that there are far more reasons to keep Person of Interest around than there are to let it end in Season 5. Please don't let it happen Netflix. Take a chance on this show for Season 6.....You won't be sorry.

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