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Is There Hope For Person Of Interest?

Could Netflix Pick Person Of Interest Up for Season Six?

In an article on MasterHerald by Kazem Sedighzadeh, it would seem as though the petition started last year by fans to save Person of Interest from the axe might be gaining some traction.

It would also seem that J J Abrams may have back tracked on his earlier statements that there were no plans to shop the show to another network. Abrams now says that he has always been open to the series continuing and it sounds as though he may well be in negotiations for a Season Six. This is purely speculation, but Abrams probably would not be able to discuss any negotiations being discussed, so all the fans can do now is keep the faith. Below is a excerpt from an article on MasterHerald.

Despite the looming end of the TV series, co-creator and director Jonathan Nolan is still very thankful for CBS for giving him and the producers the opportunity to do Season 5 of “Person of Interest.”
He said that it is also good for the fans because they will have the opportunity to see every plotline of “Person of Interest” coming to a wrap rather than leaving them with many unanswered questions.
Online petition gaining steam
Indicative however of the huge fan base of “Person of Interest,” the online petition seeking to extend the TV series that was started late last year has already gained steam at ahead of the show’s Season 5 premiere.

Apparently, the petition has already received over 20,500 signatures and is just 4,500 short for it to become 25,000. The petition is now being sent to several networks but fans are directing it mainly to Netflix, notes Movie News Guide.
According to the petition, it would be worth picking up “Person of Interest” for a possible Season 6 because aside from its huge fan base in America, it also has a huge following in other big global markets like China, Turkey, and several other countries.
Although J.J. Abrams, the Director of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” who is also one of the producers of “Person of Interest,” confirmed that Season 5 could be the show’s last, he recently recanted that he was already open to the idea of seeing the TV series continue in another network, cites the Parent Herald.
After seeing for himself that the online petition has gained more than enough steam, Abrams apparently realized the possibility of a new lease on life of “Person of Interest” for a Season 6. The petition has already been made known to Netflix, Warner Bros, NBC, Fox, The CW, and Hulu in the hopes of seeing the show continue in another network in the future.
Reports are also saying that Netflix is interested in picking up the show for its Season 6 but until a confirmation is made, everything is speculation at this time.

Given the above reports, it does seem that the fans of Person of Interest who have worked so hard petitioning various networks might be feeling a little more positive about their favourite show's future. As one member of a Person of Interest Facebook group recently said "It aint over till the fat lady sings.

And let's also remember that this show recently won a People's Choice Award for the best crime show category. Person of Interest has so much going for it and it is really sad that the CBS network cannot see this. Hopefully Netflix do and will pick it up for a sixth season.

You can read the rest of the article at MasterHerald by clicking here.

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