Saturday, 4 October 2014

About What's On The Box?

What's On The Box is a newish site that was created for lovers of TV. We cover scripted series, newsworthy issues and documentaries. Nothing regarding TV is off limits, however we will never, ever discuss reality TV.

This blog is an open forum for all TV fans who want to read about their favourite TV shows and share their opinions with other like minded TV fans. If you believe your favourite show is a must see TV show, then let us know about it.

Everyone who visits this site is welcome to have their say by posting their own article, photos or videos. Talk about the TV shows you love or tell us about the shows that you think suck and should not be on TV. Drop us a line via the contact form or jump on our Facebook page and send us a message. Our writers are more than welcome here to share their opinions as honestly as they like, however all we ask is that everyone is respectful of other poster's opinions'.

I started this blog to discuss the TV shows I love, so rather than make a site for each individual TV show, it made sense to make one for all of them. I do manage a Grey's Anatomy blog which is quite popular. If you are interested in writing at Grey's Anatomy Addicts, drop me a line via the contact box or on the Grey's Facebook page. Anyone who contribute to this site or any of my other blogs, gets their own byline and link to their website.

Obviously I and the writers who contribute to this site are going to talk about the TV shows they love the best, this is why we would love everyone to contribute, even if all you want to do is leave a comment requesting spoilers on your favourite TV show that we do not cover.

Lately a lot of the articles and discussion have been about Person of Interest and most importantly the recent news that CBS have cancelled this excellent show. There is also a campaign happening to save this show and convince Netflix or another TV Network to pick up POI. If you are interested in this, let us know so we can let you know how you can join the campaign.

We are now beginning to add articles and discussions regarding other shows. Recently an article was added via Spoiler TV about The CW's, the 100 and the recent death of the character, Lexa. The creator of The 100 recently reached out to the Clexa fans to talk about the death of the character. This article was shared on What's On The Box, just the other day.

We have some excellent reviews coming up that are being posted courtesy of the Spoiler TV reviewers of various shows. And we also have a couple of articles currently being written about The Walking Dead, Scandal, The Catch (Shonda Rhime's new show) and The Family.

So whether you are fans of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Scandal, Chicago PD, The Night Shift, Supernatural; just to name a few. If you would like us to include you favourite show on this site, just let us know.

Stay tuned for further updates on what's coming up on your favourite TV shows and if we miss something that you would like to know about, please let us know.

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