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Sarah Shahi's New Series Reverie Pushed To Summer

The second I read about this show being picked
up by NBC, I knew that the producers should
have taken it to cable or Netflix.

There is no way a cable company or streaming
service would treat a new show, with a totally
unique and original premise with the added
bonus of Person of Interest Alum, Sarah Shahi.

To say that I am pissed off about this would
be putting it mildly. Anyway take a look at
the article on Spoiler TV and some really
great previews. I have not watched them, as
I prefer to start a show with no idea of what
might be coming. Normally I would not
watch a freshman show that a network has
done this too, because it is very likely said
show will  not get a second season.

In any case, you are all free to draw your own
conclusions about that:

Read what BadCode had to say about this news here:

This show is the top show on my list that I was looking forward to seeing and I have been assuming it would be shown mid season, starting with ten episodes. When I read last week that it had been pushed to summer, I was furious. Why pick up a show and order it to series, only to put it on in the summer when it is likely to not rate well and is assured a cancellation. This show could have been a hit, but it's obvious to me, that the bosses at NBC would not recognise a potential hit series if it jumped up and bit them in the arse. I am so disappointed. I will still watch simply because I adore Sarah Shahi, but this show has a great premise and could have done really well. Sadly I think that the producers should have taken this show to the cable companies, because I am pretty sure it would be given better treatment than a network TV company. Damn I hope Sarah's awesome acting and the great premise are enough to get the viewers in the demographic the network needs to renew it for a full season or even a shortened season. I am praying that this happens as I really wanted to see this show succeed and be able to watch Sarah in her own show. Please everyone who is interested in this show, try to watch it live so it gets the numbers to be renewed.

See in the original artwork, the date reads March 2018

Watch these previews with Sarah Shahi talking about Reverie:

You will find more You Tube videos and previews of upcoming
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And lastly Sarah Shahi has recently completed an arc in
Chicago Fire, which I am not sure has gone to air yet, but if
Reverie doesn't work out perhaps there is a place on
Chicago Fire for Sarah to be a permanent cast member and
it's highly likely that Chicago Fire will be renewed for another

For the record, I totally hate this idea and I want Reverie to
succeed in the ratings. I believe that Sarah Shahi is extremely
talented and deserves her own show, however network TV shows
depend on a very archaic business model, which streaming
services are simply laughing at as they continue to take more and
more viewers away from network TV. And I am laughing at them
too, because I have been blogging about network TV's outdated
business practices for years now.

I have pissed and moaned about this very thing in Australia too
for years now and yet, none of the Free to Air (FTA) Channels
listen to their viewers, they never have. My only was to protest
was to boycott them all, including Australia's overly priced,
monopoly of a cable service.

I really believe that the networks will never wake up and
realise that more people outside their 18-49 demographic
are watching these channels and the prized advertising
demographic that ad companies so desperately want to show
their ads to are not watching network TV anymore. I don't believe
they'll ever wake up, so I am counting the days/weeks/years
until these network go bankrupt.

Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker in a Scene from Person of Interest

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The 100 Season 5 Previews, Updates And News

The 100 Returns in the US on the 24th April.

Below is an article from Spoiler TV containing preview videos and other updates for Season 5.

I am not sure if The 100 Season 5 will be available on Netflix Australia as it airs on the CW in the US. However, I believe that season's 1 through 4 are available on either Stan or Netflix. I can't recall which one. It may well be that it is on both.

Anyway, enjoy the previews:

OK, so one last question from me and then I'll piss off and let you, the fans have your say. Do you think The 100 will get a sixth season? I always believed The 100 would end at season five, but nothing would make be happier than to see a sixth season. Not just for me, but for the many fans of this show. The ratings may not reflect how much people love The 100 and perhaps that's because a large majority of the fans are under 18. Well, I am 51 and I love this show. If I lived in the US and watched it live, I would not be counted in their stupid demographic ratings. Anyhoo, time to go and we look forward to hearing what the fans think.

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