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Person of interest | I'm so sorry

Awesome POI Action Video

Thanks to the creator of this video, it's great!

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Person of Interest - Season 5 Teaser Trailer (Comic Con 2015)

Get A Load of This! Best Show On TV Ever!


If you like what you have just watched, then it's time to binge watch Person of Interest before season 5 starts in January. I guarantee you will be hooked!

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Person of Interest's Root And Shaw - Soundtrack: Gasoline - Awesome Video

We all miss Person of Interest, so here's a little Shoot action to get us through until May.

If you loved this video and you have never watched Person of Interest; you have no idea what you are missing. I strongly urge you to get the previous seasons on DVD or you can stream Season's 1-4 on Netflix. Enjoy! 

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Michael Emerson Talks To Collider About Person of Interest

Excellent Article via Collider; written by Christina Radish.

Michael Emerson certainly gives the impression that there is not much hope that this series will be picked up for Season six by Netflix or another network, which is disappointing and not how many fans wanted to see this series go out. (This could well be my paranoid and negative attitude when it comes to TV executives making smart decisions). Anyway, perhaps I am wrong and the reason Emerson alludes to a back door being built into the final episode of Season five could mean there is hope. I mean, Emerson is right, there has to be a way back if Person of Interest is to continue into Season 5.2 or Season 6 and beyond. 

Please let this be what happens, anyway I will leave you all to read this wonderful article and peruse the awesome photographs too.

Michael Emerson talks Person of Interest, Reese, Root, the dog and other interesting things about this amazing TV show.

Person of Interest, one of the most complex and compelling shows currently on TV, will be entering its fifth season on CBS, when it returns with new episodes in 2016. In the meantime, you can check out and catch up with episodes from the beginning, as part of the “Prime Crime” line-up currently airing weekdays on WGN America, or you can binge-watch on Netflix (Season 1-3 are available now, and Season 4 is available on September 22nd).
During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Michael Emerson reflected back on the show’s evolution while also giving a preview of what’s still to come. He talked about how far the show pushes boundaries, having this team become such a tight family, the unexpected humor, turning points for Finch and Reese (Jim Caviezel), that this season’s end will have to be a bit ambiguous to leave the door open to return, rebuilding the Machine, flashbacks, his hope that the good guys will prevail, in the end, and what a cross-over episode might look like.
Collider: Are you hoping that the fact that WGN America will be running all of the previous episodes of the show that it will catch people up in time to bring new viewers when Person of Interest returns to CBS in 2016?

MICHAEL EMERSON: Yeah, I hope it does find a wider audience. I think there’s a chance that it will find a younger audience that we didn’t quite reach. And maybe it’s a way for people that got behind to catch up. And then, they’ll start watching the current season.
Image via CBS
Person of Interest has always been an interesting show because it feels like it started under the radar as just another CBS procedural, but it’s really evolved into one of the most complex shows on TV. When you signed on to do this show, did you think that you were just making a procedural with an interesting hook that hadn’t been explored, or did you always know that Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman would keep pushing the boundaries of it?
EMERSON: I didn’t know how far they would push it. I expected it to be a procedural because it was CBS and because that’s the traditional way that they do things there. I had thought it was an edgier show than I expected on CBS, and it has proven to be. I didn’t dream that Jonah and Greg would go as far out there as they have done, which is great. I’m really happy that we have this over-arching dilemma of the artificial intelligences at war with one another. I think that raises a lot of interesting questions and good stuff for our writers to play with.
When you think about where this story and these characters were at the point that this all started, compared to where they are now, is there anything that’s most surprised you about the journey that you’ve taken with this character?
EMERSON: I didn’t foresee it to end up being such a family. It’s an odd family, with Root, Reese, Fusco and Finch, but they have each other’s backs, they have a respect for one another, they look out for one another, and they have a little bit of fun together. I like how much humor has evolved in the show. Even though the circumstances are always dire and the missions seem to continue to be suicidal, they are very colorful people. I sometimes feel like I’m in a comedy, but I’m the only one who knows it.
Adding Bear, the dog, to the show also seemed to have really changed things.
EMERSON: I know, we really turned a corner when we got the dog. I think it’s because it’s such an unlikely domestic detail. Dogs suggest home and hearth and relaxation, and all the things that don’t seem to fit into the world of Finch and Reese, and yet it does. Even in the midst of chaos, and even on a suicide mission, you can still be human.
How do you think the partnership between Reese and Finch has most changed and evolved? Do you think there were turning points for them, or do you see it as more of a slow evolution?

EMERSON: It seems very gradual, but I can remember a couple of places where we did turn corners. Giving the dog a bath went a long way to contributing to the sense of them being a fun odd couple. And there was the scene where I measured Mr. Reese for a new suit. There was something so familiar about it, and a little dear and silly. Anytime they’re talking about what they like to eat or drink, or their taste in entertainment, and the everyday people talk, it’s so humanizing for them. It’s evolved slowly into a relationship that people enjoy. Jonah always says that no TV succeeds, if the audience isn’t invested in the characters. No matter how high concept or flashy, it’s about the characters, at the end of the day. And I think that holds true on Person of Interest.
Image via CBS
What have you enjoyed most about working with Jim Caviezel, as your partner in crime in all of this?
EMERSON: I like the odd couple-ness. He and I are completely different actors and completely different kids of people, altogether. It’s an unlikely partnership, in any sense, as people and as actors, and yet it somehow works. It’s one of those chemical accidents that you hope for, but cannot manufacture in the performing arts. I have liked that relationship. There’s a tension to it, but underneath the tension, there’s respect and a caring.
CBS only ordered 13 episodes for this next season. Does it feel like the last season, in terms of story, or do you think the show could come back for another 13 or even switch to another network beyond that?
EMERSON: I don’t know. All of those things are unknowns. It feels like we’re coming to the end of something. It’s a problem for the writers because they have to write what will be an ending and a finale, but it has to have a little bit of a back door built into it. It has to be a little bit ambiguous, on some level, so that the story could continue, if necessary.
After the events that happened last season, it would have been devastating to leave it there, and not come back and give some sort of closure.
EMERSON: Yeah, I don’t think they could have gotten away with just ending it with us going out into a hail of bullets with the Machine in a briefcase. I think there would have been a human cry about that.
Now that the Machine needs to be rebuilt, does Finch feel like he’s getting a bit of a do-over, in some way?
EMERSON: He has an opportunity to tweak it and maybe undo some of the safeguards that he originally built in, to let the Machine be able to fight for itself and to fight for its own existence. That’s one of the opportunities/dilemmas of the first few episodes. The Machine that rises from the ashes, how much will it be like the old one, or will it have new qualities? Finch and Root will argue that out, philosophically, because she has a different vision.

Image via CBS
With it essentially being up to Finch and Root to rebuild things, will those differences of opinion lead to some tension between them?
EMERSON: Yes, there will be tension and there will be some uneasy compromises.
Root is clearly the most unpredictable of the team, and is still very much a wild card, in many ways. What do you think it was that finally got Finch to see her as more of an ally than just strictly an enemy?
EMERSON: It’s accumulated over time. In a world full of dangerous enemies, she was at least helpful and useful. I think it goes a long way with Mr. Finch that Root is so dedicated to the Machine. You have to like someone that loves your child, even if they’re a little bit scary. I think he has an uneasy familial feeling with Root now. Because of the circumstances, now they’re roommates, which is an odd set-up. When you think back to how, at one time or another, each of them kept the other prisoner for periods of time, things are a little easier, but a little more complicated.
With the shorter season, will we still get a good balance of flashbacks, or is it harder to work those in when you have fewer hours to tell the present-day story?
EMERSON: We’re shooting lots of flashbacks, particularly in the opening episode or two. There’s always been a revisiting of the Machine’s past. Now that we are trying to revive the Machine, it’s a good opportunity to revisit the education of the infant Machine, to dramatic effect. We learn a little bit about the past of the Machine, in its childhood. We get a bigger picture of Finch as mentor and teacher, and we get the particulars about how he groomed the Machine. It’s interesting.
Image via CBS
In a perfect world, when all is said and done with the story you’re telling, would you like to see all of the work that this team has done mean something in the bigger picture of humanity, or is there no way for it to end well for any of these people?
EMERSON: I don’t know. I wonder what the writers have up their sleeves. It can’t end with Samaritan in charge, can it? That would be so dire and so hopeful. Ours is an upbeat show. The good guys will prevail. Maybe ambiguously, but someone gets through this into the light of day again, I hope.

One of the cool things about this show being on WGN America is that it’s being aired with Elementary and the promotional items of the two casts together led me to wonder, if you could do a cross-over wither another show, is there anyone that you’d like to see Finch and this team interact with?
EMERSON: Wow. We’ve seen that happen on other shows. Homicide and Law & Order overlapped casts for awhile there. But, I don’t know. With our show, you get not just a specific narrative, but a style of storytelling. I don’t know how you’d maintain the style of the two shows, if they’re different, and they would be. I don’t know. That’s an interesting idea. With what show? The Big Bang Theory? They could have a fantasy episode, or Mr. Finch could move in next door. Sherlock and Finch might be like matter and anti-matter. They both perform the same function in their respective narratives, so they might implode or something. There might not be anywhere to go because they’re, in essence, the same character. Maybe that’s the angle that a writer would use. Where can you run with that? That would be interesting.
Person of Interest is airing weekdays on WGN America, as part of the “Prime Crime” line-up. Seasons 1-3 are now available at Netflix while Season 4 will be available on September 22nd. Season 5 will premiere on CBS in 2016.
Image via CBS

Image via CBS

This content was originally published on Collider and written by Christina Radish.

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More Evidence That Person Of Interest Should Be On TV For Years



It's been 63 polls (plus extras), but we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Samantha "Root" Groves of Person of Interest, who also got the most votes of any contestant and was the only contestant to receive over 2,000 votes in each round. This makes Root the first female to ever win the Character Cup. She joins Jack from LOST and Dean and Castiel from Supernatural in our Hall of Retired Winners. Congratulations to Person of Interest fans, Shameless fans, and all other fandoms for supporting their favorites and helping to make this a record-breaking Character Cup.  I hope you join us for the Favorite Show Contest that starts Monday.

Congratulations also go to Senko, for winning our prediction contest with 40 out of 63 correct predictions. You rock! All bragging rights go to you! Other top predictors were LOST Rocks Forever and ASN1. Great job. It's been fun comparing how different the contest turned out and where people thought it would go.

In our Vehicle Contest, the winners were the Impala from Supernatural in the Continuing Shows division and the Enterprise from Star Trek from the Ended Shows division. Thanks so much to everyone who participated either through voting, predicting, or commenting. Your voting broke records (see below) while the discussions were excellent, still my favorite part of the contest. I appreciate everyone who participated in the TV Talk Topics for making my hiatus go by a little faster. It was awesome talking TV with all of you. Special thanks also goes out to those who submitted pictures for the polls. Without you we would never have been able to change pictures for each poll. You guys rock!  Finally thanks as always to Andy, without whom there would be no SpoilerTV, the best TV website I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

Thanks again for joining us and don't forget the Favorite Show Contest coming in August. Nominations start Monday and I know it will be an exciting race too. Check back at Spoiler TV to submit your nominees and of course to discuss your favorite shows. There's lots more good TV Talk to be had.

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This news is simply more proof that there are more Person of Interest fans out there than these TV networks realise. Never have I fought so hard to a show, like I am fighting for this show to have it's story told the way the creators intended. I want to see what is in their brain play out on my TV screen. And the TV Networks can do something about this, and it will benefit them greatly...they just do not know it yet.

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Reasons Why Netflix Or Other Networks Should Pick Up Person Of Interest


Person of Interest is the most original and unique series to hit TV in many years. The premise is something that has never been done. The writing is excellent and the acting by Michael Emerson, Jim Cavaziel, and the rest of this wonderful cast is some of the best acting I have ever seen on a TV series. I am also sure that millions of other fans cannot be wrong.
The Stars of Person of Interest, Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel

Person of Interest has a cult following and CBS do not realise just how many fans this show has. In all fairness, CBS only only have the rights to broadcast this series and the only profit they make is from ratings, so their decision to cut a show that has been critically acclaimed for four seasons to half a season was stupid in many fan's opinions. However, they are a business and ratings are what drives a TV network.

The creators of this show did not see it ending after four and a half seasons, in fact one of the creators recently said that Person of Interest has been planned out to go for at least six full seasons, perhaps seven. The way this story has been told has been perfect in every way. The creators have solved certain mysteries and developed their characters at exactly the right speed. There is more than enough story there left to tell to keep fans interested for many seasons. When I first saw Season one, I knew the creators had enough there to tell a wonderful story for at least five seasons.

So here we are at Season five which is due to premiere on CBS in January, possibly November if we are lucky. We just have to hope that one of CBS's new shows tanks, which is a possibility. If this show was shown at a decent time, it would rate well and make the network who chooses to make a deal with the owners of this show a tidy profit. CBS ruined their great ratings of Person of Interest when they moved it to a 10 pm Tuesday timeslot. 

The millions of fans all over the world will subscribe to Netflix just to get this show, I believe this because many fans have told me this. I will move heaven and earth to get access to the US Netflix if they pick up POI and I can also guarantee that no fan of this show wants to see it end. This show is also popular in Australia and many fans will watch via Netflix because the Nine Network in Australia treat this show like shit! 

What the fans want is for the creators to tell the story as planned, and not rush it to finish up the show in fifteen episodes. It will ruin this show and Season five will not be relevant to this series. Not in my opinion and not in many fan's opinions.

In my opinion if Person of Interest ends after fifteen episodes in 2016, I will consider the Season Four finale to be the series end. The story left to tell can not be summed up in fifteen episodes, no matter how great the writing is.

I really hope that Netflix or another network that might be interested decide to pick up the rights to this series. Little do many people realise, but there are millions of fans who do not want to see it end this way, for many reasons and for the reasons outlined above.

The sad thing is, that this show is an original concept and idea, and many other writers and film creators will try to copy this series and make their own versions of artificial intelligence TV shows. Every new show that is similar to Person of Interest will suck. A lot of the fans feel as though there are many TV executives out there who have failed to see how great this show is, perhaps it is up to the fans to show the way.

Netflix; please consider what has been said here. I am certain there are a lot of fans campaigning TV networks to pick up Person of Interest.

We Love This Show and We Will Fight to the Death.

One thing we can do is Hope!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Wish List - What Do You Want To See

Grey's Anatomy is back in less than six weeks. Hard to believe the cast and crew have been filming now for almost a month.

Meredith's first day as an Intern

After Derek's death, Meredith has a baby girl; Ellis

My Wish List For Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy

1) I do not want to see a romance for Meredith Grey.

2) I would love to see Sandra Oh return as Cristina Yang as a guest star.

3) I am hoping that Calzona find a way back to each other, I was seriously pissed when Rhimes chose to break them up.


4) Alex and Jo need to break up, she is not the woman for him.....too damned immature.

Alex's one true love, such a shame that Shonda does not want her back

5) I love the romance between Owen and Amelia, although I would not be adverse to Kim Raver returning as Teddy to really throw a spanner in the works. Given that 24 is not going to get a tenth season, this could be possible. (Yes, yes, yes, I know Audrey Raines died in Season nine, however she could come back from the never know with TV.

6) As for April and Jackson, well I have never been a Jackson fan, even though his green eyes are totally dreamy. I think that April needs to stick around and be with her husband for a while and then go do another tour. Perhaps Jackson can go with her eventually. 

7) Now to Meredith - I would love to see her being a kick ass surgeon and single mother, maintaining her friendship with Alex (her person now since Cristina left) and work towards getting closer to Maggie (who I totally love) and Amelia. I would also love to see Meredith throw herself into her research again and continue her mother's work.

8) As for Richard and Catherine, I don't see that marriage lasting, however I could be wrong. I would love to see them run GSMH together and enjoy their children and grand-children.

Okay, now having said all of this, I guess the above all sounds pretty boring, but I am sure Shonda Rhimes and co can bring the right amount of drama's, disasters and happy occasions to make it a great season, given that it might be Grey's Anatomy's last season of the series. I think the writers are going to pull out all the stops this season to make it one of the best.

Season eleven was awesome and one of the best seasons for a few years, here's hoping Rhimes and co can top this. The writing talent is there, they just need to improve on communication regarding certain historic events that have been stuffed up in the past, anyway that is for another post.

Grey's Anatomy will premiere at the end of September sometime on the ABC network in the US. Now we fans in Australia probably won't get to see the first episode until Feb 2016. This is totally unacceptable and it is why people file share from sites such as "Pirate Bay." 

We might get lucky and Channel Seven in Australia might fast track a few episodes, but I doubt it somehow. Grey's simply does not have the same following in Australia compared to the US. And quite frankly, many of the quality programs that Australian networks get from the US are treated like SHIT! They put these shows in shitty time slots so they have no chance of rating. This happened to Person of Interest and has happened to Grey's over a number of years.

If it wasn't for streaming services and torrent sites, I would be waiting months to see my US shows and if I did wait, I would be spoiled and know everything that's going to happen and that is not what the creators of these terrific programs had in mind. 

Anyway enough bitching about the Aussie networks. This article is a wish list for the fans of Grey's Anatomy and I would love your input. I am always up for a chat about Grey's, as I love this show.

I will leave you with this question: How many of you who love Grey's, watch Scandal, How to get away with Murder and are planning to watch Shonda's new show.

Personally, I love Scandal, I tolerate HTGAWM, and I have yet to see The Catch. I will be back once it premieres with my thoughts.

So; now it is your turn. Hit the comments and tell me what your wish list is for Grey's Anatomy. You can also post your thoughts on my Grey's Anatomy Facebook page or on Twitter.

To finish, I will leave you with a few images I will never forget and never wish to see on Television again.

The moment McDreamy realised he was a dead man.

A cruel trick Shonda Rhimes, you gave us false hope. I cannot forgive her for this scene.

Meredith loses her soul-mate

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Melrose Place - My Opinion On The Final Season

Well TV addicts, this blog post is not really about what's hot on the box, it is about what's hot on DVD at the moment and believe me when I tell you that Melrose Place DVDs have been selling like hotcakes at various stores where they are available. Getting your hands on them for a decent and reasonable price might be tricky as many online stores only have Season 1 to 5. Apparently Seasons six and seven are difficult to find and quite pricey.

If you have never seen Melrose Place, and you love a good juicy drama with hot guys and plenty of steamy sex scenes, then you are in for a treat. My twenty-six year old daughter is addicted and has spent the last four weeks watching all seven Melrose DVD sets from start to finish.

Anyway, here is a taste of what you will see in the final seasons and my opinions, mixed in with a little sadness.

I felt disappointed when I read the reviews before watching the rest of Season seven. But I am happy too. Season seven ended well. Amanda ended the series with the guy she should have been with from the start. 

And it was not Kyle, he was cute and I liked him, but there is someone better for him. Perhaps Megan or Jane or maybe even Eve...hmmm scratch that, Eve turns into the bitch from Hell. Having said that, let's get back to Megan for a bit, I loved the character of Megan, she was one smart lady who did not take anyone's crap or get involved in people's schemes, except perhaps Kimberly's. But she can be forgiven for that, as poor Kim was dying. 

I was sorry to see Kimberly leave and never believed she was dead. So I was expecting her to appear in the finale. Did she? Well you will have to wait and see. I also believed Sydney would appear, given she turns up in the failed 2009 version of Melrose Place, which lasted one season I believe.

​Amanda was my all time favourite character, probably because she was impossible to figure out. One minute a total bitch and then she was nice to people. Her character went through so many changes, and more dramas than any person could bear. Cancer, kidnapping, God knows how many marriages, a husband who tried to murder her just hours after the ceremony. It is a wonder this woman is still sane, it is a wonder any of these characters are sane, living in that building and dealing with the shit that goes down day after day.

​My least favourite character was Lexi. She struck me as a money hungry,overbearing, messed up bitch who refused to get help. And she was old enough to know better. Billy's wife, Brooke was a manipulator and a spoilt brat, but she was so young and did not understand that her father had taught her to be like that. Unfortunately she would not accept help and died in the end. Yes she made me so mad with the crap she did to Billy, but I did fell sorry for her. 

I also felt sorry for Taylor, she seemed to be very screwed up and it seemed that no one gave a crap. I think perhaps losing her sister and falling in love with her brother in law took it's toll and maybe she never dealt with it. When her and Kyle came to LA, it did seem as though their marriage was pretty solid....Taylor should have left well enough alone.

Simply living in that building with those people and their dramas would have driven a person mad. But Melrose Place was never meant to be a serious story, it was supposed to be smutty, sexy and bitchy. Pure night time soap opera entertainment. The kind of show I would dub my guilty pleasure. 

Show runners and creators everywhere hate that term "guilty pleasure.' I remember Shonda Rhimes had a shit fit about someone referring to Scandal as a guilty pleasure. She was not a happy camper and this interview she gave some Hollywood journo coincided with an article I wrote on my blog and posted on Twitter. Sometimes I wonder if she was referring to my tweet. Probably wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, I digress, let's get back to Melrose and the reasons why it is so entertaining.

Melrose had great writers and great acting...something many night-times soaps lack. Some of the scenes had me reacting emotionally and when I do that, it is clear to me that the writers of this show were very talented, not to mention the wonderful cast. I am just not sure what happened in Season six, something changed. The last two seasons just did not live up to my expectations, but the final season, particularly the episodes leading into the finale and the finale itself were brilliant and I seriously enjoyed it.

Melrose Place in the early days


Meant To Be

​I was really disappointed that Billy left and the series did not end with a Billy and Alison reunion. I am quite pissed about this. And I always believed that Jake belonged with Jo. He is in a good place now, however I did hope that he and Jo would return and announce that they had gotten married and Jo had adopted Jake's son. Jake, Jo, Billy and Alison were really great characters and given the last we heard from Alison was that she was in rehab, I would have liked to see a happy ending for her and Billy (especially after the Brooke fiasco). Now she was a piece of work and it was sad that her story had to end with her accidentally dying.

Brooke; Billy's First Wife. A mistake that took him away from Alison forever

Billy and Alison; Melrose Place's Perfect Couple

​Michael and Jane deserve each other quite frankly and I kinda wish that they had stayed together. The number of times Michael has done the wrong thing by Jane, she should know better and then to screw around on Michael one day before the wedding, well I guess it ended how it should have ended. Jane ended up with a great guy in Kyle and Michael finally realises he can never be faithful. Wow! I coulda told him that in Season two.

​A good season and ending, however I feel sad that we did not get closure for Jake, Jo, Alison and Billy. I have just finished watching the entire season, all bar the two final discs of season seven and it was a great season and a great series. In fact it was one of the most entertaining US night time soaps shown in the 1990's in my opinion.

​One character I would have loved to see more of or even a regular was Kristian Alfonso, Hope on Days of our Lives. She is an awesome actress and does not get nearly enough credit regarding her wonderful talent. Obviously signing her full time due to her contract with DOOL, however it would have been great to see more of her.

Finally I must add that Jack Wagner takes my breath away, and any actress who gets to make out with that hot stud is just the luckiest bitch ever! What a hunk! This man has the talent to get a woman to do anything for him and I don't know if it is his acting or if Jack Wagner has women falling at his feet. Man, he can park his shoes and whatever else under my bed any-time. Hmmmmm. OKAY! Enough! Before this blog gets x rated and I start describing some of the things I would like to do to him. Hmmmm!

Seems appropriate to share a photo of the very Hot, Jack Wagner who plays Dr Peter Burns

Now do the ladies who read my blog understand why 
I would like to rip his clothes off

Okay TV Addicts, I think I should leave it there for now, let me know what you think in the comments or you can always catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter.​

So: That is my opinion on the closing episodes of Melrose Place and how it all finished up. Mind you, I have not actually seen the last disc, so I am writing this review based on what I have read online. You can read what I wrote over at

I hope that I have not given too much away and ruined the ending of this awesome drama series for fans who have not seen all of this series. I only saw up until about Season three or four, so I just had to finish watching to see how everyone ended up.

By the way, I would be happy to add more pictures of the cast too, if anyone would enjoy that.

You can also buy the DVDs on Ebay or Gumtree

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Person Of Interest Will Premiere In January - CBS Have Ordered 13 Episodes

What a great way to ruin a great show. Yes, I am fully aware that Warner Bros own Person of Interest, but what amazes me is that these idiot TV executives take on these shows that they do not own if they are not going to ensure the show keeps getting high ratings. Moving this show to Tuesdays at 10 pm was a huge mistake, because the ratings started to drop from the start of Season Three.

Haven't CBS ever heard of the saying "If it is not broken, then don't fix it" And CBS have broken this golden rule. A petition is doing the rounds and if you would like to sign it to support this amazing show you will find it here.

Finch and his ever loyal dog, Bear

Read more about Person of Interest here

Are you an All Saints fan? I have a near new copy of the 2007 season on Ebay if anyone happens to be looking for these DVDs:

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Article by Janelle Coulton - JelWrites Freelance Writer

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