Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Goodbye Private Practice


It was highly likely that when Kate Walsh announced that it was her intention to leave that Private Practice would be axed. Instead of ABC ordering the usual twenty two episodes, they went for thirteen, this was probably done to get an idea of ratings and to make a decision based on what the show was making in advertising. Shonda Rhimes, announced via an interview that Private Practice would finish and that episode thirteen would be their last. The last hurrah for the characters at Seaside Wellness was a really great finale. No big death, or tragedy that Shonda Rhimes is famous for on Grey’s Anatomy, just a well rounded wrap up for her characters.

Shonda Rhimes wrote on her website that she had never ended a TV show before, so she was in unfamiliar territory. However for someone who has no experience in writing a Series Final, she did extremely well. It probably helped that she likely had fair warning that Private Practice would not continue after Kate Walsh left. And one wonders if Kate saw it coming and jumped ship, but she has other irons in the fire so to speak; so this is unlikely. Shonda had the time to dedicate to giving the series, Grey’s Anatomy’s spin off a fitting ending. 

Would Private Practice gone onto good or better ratings without Kate Walsh, and had they gotten the twenty-two episode, they would have been minus Benjamin Bratt too; as Addison and Jake married in the Finale, so if Addison left Seaside then Jake would surely have to follow. Or would she have gone a different way and broke up the couple, leaving Addie to ride off into the sunset with Henry. Who knows? And it’s all speculation; Private Practice would likely have tanked without the lead character. 

The other actors are great, but none of them really had enough popularity among viewers to carry the show. Kadee Strickland is one character that comes to mind to take over Kate’s role as lead actress, because she is popular with the fans and absolutely, stunningly, beautiful. Many Grey’s Anatomy fans would have tuned out, because of Addison. She was popular on Grey’s Anatomy and many fans of that show wanted her to stay and get together with Mark (McSteamy) Sloan or Alex. 

So it’s goodbye to one of my favourite medical shows, and I will just have to get the rest of the seasons on DVD and watch them when ever I want a fix of Addison Montgomery magic or just want to perve on Jake Riley; what a hottie. 

What do you think? Would you love another network to pick up Private Practice or do you think it’s time to say goodbye.

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I am really surprised to realise how much I miss Private Practice. Now that the last episode has gone to air; and it’s not on TV anymore; I really miss Addison Montgomery and her friends. I loved Kate Walsh in that role, and she is terrific actress, so I am hoping she will be on my TV on something good soon. 

Hopefully she will come back to Seattle Grace to stir up things with some of the characters there, now that would be entertaining and she can bring her new husband too, Benjamin Bratt is obscenely gorgeous. After six years Private Practice has ended. More than a month ago now; the final Private Practice episode was aired in the United States.