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Micheal Jackson's Doctor Wants Out Of Prison

February 2012

Conrad Murray, the doctor responsible for Michael Jackson's death requested a release from prison pending his appeal. Should the judge set him free?

Since when does this happen? I’ve never heard of this happening; at least in Australia anyway. Once a defendant is convicted and sentenced to prison it’s game over. If the defendant wants to appeal that is their right, but to expect a release from prison pending that appeal making it to court is madness. I’ve never heard of this happening until now.

A Jury Found Murray Guilty

Conrad Murray was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter on the 7th November 2011 in Los Angeles. The twelve jurors deliberated for eight hours and came back with a unanimous verdict of guilty, beyond reasonable doubt. On the 29th November 2011, Judge Pastor sentenced Murray to four years imprisonment and revoked his medical license.

Murray was Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Many fans have been shocked by this story, saying that Murray has some nerve. Huffington Post reported in November last year during sentencing that Judge Pastor told the court that Murray had shown no remorse for his crime and he also considered Murray was a danger to society. He was sentenced to four years; however it is likely that he will only serve about two years because he will be eligible for parole at this time. Many fans are wondering why this guy can’t just take his punishment on the chin and do his time.

Conrad Murray is the person responsible for the death of one of the world’s biggest superstars; Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. No matter which way his lawyers want to argue Murray’s conviction and sentence; this man admitted to giving Michael Jackson injections of propofol in the six weeks before he died. That same drug was found in his system during the autopsy.

Murray chose not to take the stand and defend his actions during the trial, so how is he possibly going to convince a judge to let him out of prison? Obviously there are reasons, but it’s difficult to understand. By the time this appeal is heard in the courts, his sentence may well be over. So what is this about? It could be about his medical license; however after what Murray has done, you would think his career as a doctor would be finished. Or it may well be about the civil law suits he has to face up to. If his verdict is overturned then there might be no grounds to sue. The possibilities are endless, but asking to be let out of prison is over the line.

How Will Murray Defend his Actions at Appeal

Speculation is rampant about how Murray will defend himself at the appeal. It has also been reported that he intends to represent himself as he cannot afford a lawyer. If he represents his own appeal, he will be required to answer questions from the prosecuting attorneys.
According to Murray is claiming that he had an unfair trial. The court papers read that during the trial there was improper exclusion of defence evidence and witnesses that resulted in violating the defendant’s State and Constitutional rights to due process, to present a defence and to the effective assistance of counsel.
Murray is apparently in solitary confinement and has to wear chains when visiting with his lawyer; however it was revealed via Huffington Post that he is in solitary for his own protection and wearing chains is standard for all prisoners. Does he really expect a judge and the public to feel sorry for him? Seriously; this guy needs to stop whining.

Public Opinion is Divided

Fans commenting in relation to this news on have been extremely vocal in their opinions about Murray and Michael Jackson. Some fans believe Murray should stay in jail for as long as possible, some think he should have gotten the death penalty, and others believe Murray did the world a favour and deserves a medal; and that’s an issue for another article.
No matter what did or did not happen in court, Murray was found guilty and sent to prison. He was responsible for the death of one of the most loved people in the world and he may well be safer in prison. The upcoming appeal which will most likely take a year to get to court will be interesting none the less.
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