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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Wish List - What Do You Want To See

Grey's Anatomy is back in less than six weeks. Hard to believe the cast and crew have been filming now for almost a month.

Meredith's first day as an Intern

After Derek's death, Meredith has a baby girl; Ellis

My Wish List For Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy

1) I do not want to see a romance for Meredith Grey.

2) I would love to see Sandra Oh return as Cristina Yang as a guest star.

3) I am hoping that Calzona find a way back to each other, I was seriously pissed when Rhimes chose to break them up.


4) Alex and Jo need to break up, she is not the woman for him.....too damned immature.

Alex's one true love, such a shame that Shonda does not want her back

5) I love the romance between Owen and Amelia, although I would not be adverse to Kim Raver returning as Teddy to really throw a spanner in the works. Given that 24 is not going to get a tenth season, this could be possible. (Yes, yes, yes, I know Audrey Raines died in Season nine, however she could come back from the never know with TV.

6) As for April and Jackson, well I have never been a Jackson fan, even though his green eyes are totally dreamy. I think that April needs to stick around and be with her husband for a while and then go do another tour. Perhaps Jackson can go with her eventually. 

7) Now to Meredith - I would love to see her being a kick ass surgeon and single mother, maintaining her friendship with Alex (her person now since Cristina left) and work towards getting closer to Maggie (who I totally love) and Amelia. I would also love to see Meredith throw herself into her research again and continue her mother's work.

8) As for Richard and Catherine, I don't see that marriage lasting, however I could be wrong. I would love to see them run GSMH together and enjoy their children and grand-children.

Okay, now having said all of this, I guess the above all sounds pretty boring, but I am sure Shonda Rhimes and co can bring the right amount of drama's, disasters and happy occasions to make it a great season, given that it might be Grey's Anatomy's last season of the series. I think the writers are going to pull out all the stops this season to make it one of the best.

Season eleven was awesome and one of the best seasons for a few years, here's hoping Rhimes and co can top this. The writing talent is there, they just need to improve on communication regarding certain historic events that have been stuffed up in the past, anyway that is for another post.

Grey's Anatomy will premiere at the end of September sometime on the ABC network in the US. Now we fans in Australia probably won't get to see the first episode until Feb 2016. This is totally unacceptable and it is why people file share from sites such as "Pirate Bay." 

We might get lucky and Channel Seven in Australia might fast track a few episodes, but I doubt it somehow. Grey's simply does not have the same following in Australia compared to the US. And quite frankly, many of the quality programs that Australian networks get from the US are treated like SHIT! They put these shows in shitty time slots so they have no chance of rating. This happened to Person of Interest and has happened to Grey's over a number of years.

If it wasn't for streaming services and torrent sites, I would be waiting months to see my US shows and if I did wait, I would be spoiled and know everything that's going to happen and that is not what the creators of these terrific programs had in mind. 

Anyway enough bitching about the Aussie networks. This article is a wish list for the fans of Grey's Anatomy and I would love your input. I am always up for a chat about Grey's, as I love this show.

I will leave you with this question: How many of you who love Grey's, watch Scandal, How to get away with Murder and are planning to watch Shonda's new show.

Personally, I love Scandal, I tolerate HTGAWM, and I have yet to see The Catch. I will be back once it premieres with my thoughts.

So; now it is your turn. Hit the comments and tell me what your wish list is for Grey's Anatomy. You can also post your thoughts on my Grey's Anatomy Facebook page or on Twitter.

To finish, I will leave you with a few images I will never forget and never wish to see on Television again.

The moment McDreamy realised he was a dead man.

A cruel trick Shonda Rhimes, you gave us false hope. I cannot forgive her for this scene.

Meredith loses her soul-mate

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