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Save Person Of Interest - Join The Fight Today!

Person of Interest began in 2011 and the fan base around the world for this cult show grew. There are literally tens of millions of fans who don't want to see this show end, (if not more than that), which is why I am calling on all the fans, worldwide who love POI to get behind this campaign and support the fight to save this show.

Show CBS that We Are Not Irrelevant

Person of Interest is relevant to what is occurring in today's society and the powers that be at CBS would be crazy to let this show go, however it's not really up to CBS after they decide to cancel POI, another network can pick it up and speculation has been going on for months that Netflix may well be interested in picking up POI for a Season 6. 

So having said all of this, let's get behind Netflix and urge them to consider taking Person of Interest away from CBS. POI is owned by Warner Bros, so surely Netflix can make a deal with the creators of this show to do a season six. While many fans are aware that this scenario is not likely, it is still worth fighting for and many fans involved in this fight will not give up until there is absolutely no hope.

Artificial intelligence or AI is a topic that is being discussed a lot in the news right now and has been the topic of conversation for the last few years now. Why CBS want to let such an organic idea slip away is beyond many fan's comprehension. But, we must remember it is all about making money for TV networks and they don't care whether the TV shows they air are total crap, as long as the viewers are tuning in. The thing is, many of us want to watch something intelligent and clever, we want TV shows that make us think. And Person of Interest does this.

Please Netflix, pick up Person Of Interest for Season Six

We all have our own reasons why we like this show, so get behind this fight and let's save POI.

How can you help?

Sign the petition at: Change

Email CBS at: CBS Audience Services

US residents can call CBS on: 212 975 3247 between the hours of 10 A.M. and 11.30 A.M. and 2 P.M. and 3.30 P.M. 

Tweet CBS or post on the CBS Facebook Page.

Call Netflix on: 1800 071578 or visit their website to email or share your views, you will be directed to your countries website. 

Run a search on Netflix for Person of Interest. Netflix monitor these searches, so the more we search for POI, the more likely Netflix will realise just how popular this series is and may seriously consider picking it up.

Share this promotional video by one of the Person of Interest directors; Chris Fisher - this video will entice more viewers to the show and may give the show a better change of getting renewed. If CBS get the ratings they want with POI in Spring, it may get a renewal: Person of Interest Video

When Season five does air, as many fans as possible need to watch this show live. CBS need to see that just as many fans are still watching live. 

However, while Person of Interest is not being aired, many fans have suggested boycotting CBS all together and emailing CBS and telling them that we are doing so. 

We have do all we can do to get the message to the networks that this show is worth saving and that we will do what is necessary to save Person of Interest.

If anyone has any other ideas on how we can save Person of Interest please let us know. You can tweet these ideas or post them on the Save Person Of Interest Facebook Page or hit the comments.

Where is Season Five? What are CBS up to?

Now it is your turn. I would love to hear what you think. Hit the comments or connect with me via Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to write here about your favourite TV shows or how badly you think many TV shows simply suck, then use the contact form to apply for posting rights. 

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