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Person Of Interest Voted Number One Two Weeks In A Row On Spoiler TV

Fans all over the world love this show. It has a cult following and based on issue that we face in real life today. Artificial Intelligence is coming, and Person of Interest deals with the pros and cons of this. TV shows that deal with the real issue are refreshing and thought provoking, and the last thing I and the fans of Person of Interest want is to watch mindless, repetitive TV that is so boring, you might as well turn off the telly and read a good book.

While it is hard to believe that a TV show this popular is ending in less than a week's time; unfortunately this is the awful truth.

In the last two weeks, Person of Interest is the number one show viewers chose to watch.

The table with the details and scores of all the popular TV shows is below, courtesy of Spoiler TV.

To read the entire article with comment from the readers, use the link below: Most Popular Shows on SpoilerTV

Here are this weeks most popular shows on Spoiler TV.

The Popularity score is based on a calculation of Page Views, Video Plays, Poll Votes, Comments, Google+1's, Facebook Likes and Tweets.

TIP: Remember if you want to see your show do better, make sure you share your shows content on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/G+/Tumblr etc) and comment on articles/posts about your show.

Note: Shows in Green have moved up the table since last week. Shows with a "-" are new entries that were not in last weeks Top 20.

While it is clear that Person of Interest is loved by many fans, however the CBS network have made their decision based on how much money POI brings in. Because Warner Brothers own Person of Interest, CBS on make money from advertisers when the show airs on their network. Even so, if they had treated POI a lot better and promoted it well, this show would have attracted way more viewers. 

Bottom line, CBS got greedy and moved POI to Tuesday nights at 10 pm, which is a time-slot that TV shows have always struggled to rate well in. Networks can charge higher fees for advertising on Thursday nights. CBS's greed took over when their executive moved one of the shows they own to that time-slot. This backfired in the end, because the TV show they chose for Thursday night did not rate anywhere as well as Person of Interest.

Having said all of this above; Warner Brothers and Bad Robot are just as much to blame for the fact Person of Interest was cancelled. While the fans were fighting to get more episodes for Season 5 and a renewal for Season 6, there was no indication that WB or Bad Robot tried to fight for this show. Are they crazy? Person of Interest is the best show on TV to come along in more than 25 years.

So in closing, I implore Fox, Netflix, NBC, The CW, Hulu, Amazon or TNT to seriously consider picking up Person of Interest. Over 40,00 fans have signed a petition that is asking the other networks to take on this show and given POI's popularity, I and many other fans believe it would be well worth it to them to continue POI for a few more seasons.

With one more episode to go before this amazing series is over, it is extremely difficult to accept there will be no more Person of Interest. Several fans and I have no intention of giving up on the fight to get more seasons of POI or a reboot/spinoff. 

As they say; it ain't over until the fat lady sings; so keep fighting people and call the networks, cable channels, Netflix and the other streaming services.

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