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Person Of Interest: Episode 100: Root Is Dead, But Not Gone

The hundredth episode went to air last week with the loss of two popular characters. 

The episode opens with Harold Finch choosing to close the machine so that he and others cannot access to it. Despite protests from Root, Finch goes ahead with his plan, not knowing that Root had earlier, written some code for The Machine to allow her to defend herself in the fight to kill Samaritan. Root has also put a safe guard in place; only Finch can order this protocol.

Five minutes into the show, Finch's number is sent to Reese and Fusco. Fusco is now a part of Team Machine in every way, having been told about The Machine and Samaritan's existence in the previous episode. After rescuing Finch from his office at the University and shooting a number of Samaritan operatives, Reese finds a business card that reads "Temporary Solutions" on one of the assassins.

The whole team meet up at the safe-house. Reese informs Root, Shaw, Fusco and Elias that Finch's cover as Professor Whistler has been infiltrated by Samaritan. Finch and Elias take off together, while Reese and Fusco visit the offices where the assassins came from; Temporary Solutions. Shaw and Root stay behind to finish taking out the killers that arrive at the safe-house to abduct Finch.

Finch and Elias are hiding out in the double D apartments where Reese first hid out back in Season 1 when he was protecting Elias, then known as Charlie Burton. Samaritan operatives turn up and although Elias manage to shoot most of them and get Finch to the car, a Samaritan operative creeps up behind and shoots him in the head. No question mark now, Elias is really and sadly, dead.

The operatives take Finch and drive away where they meet up with Greer in an underground parking garage. Root and Shaw interrupt the would be assassins as they are taking Finch to the car and shoot most of them, until one pull out a big gun. Shaw tells Root to take Finch and get out of there. Despite her reservations, Root gets Finch out of there, just as Reese and Fusco turn up and rescue Shaw. Meanwhile Finch and Root are being chased by Samaritan and Root decides she needs a bigger gun to get rid of them. With the help of the machine, Finch and a hair scrunchie, she hangs out the sun roof, steering the car with her boot heel and shoot the assassins car, blowing it to smitherines.

A short time later the order is given to Jeff Blackwell to eliminate Finch. In my mind, this happened because Greer failed to abduct Finch. He is directed to an empty apartment where he waits for his orders when Root and Finch arrive. He arms himself with a sniper rifle. The Machine tells Root at the last second about the sniper and she swerves the car to take the bullet for Finch. It is Root's belief that Finch is needed if they are to win and take down Samaritan.

A few seconds later they are pulled over by the police. Finch is arrested and Root is taken to the hospital. After running Finch's finger prints, they figure out that he was charged with treason in 1974. The name Harold is the only thing the FBI can find on Finch because all records about Finch were destroyed many years ago and all digital records have been deleted. The FBI need to travel to Washington to retrieve files that are archived in the case of a treason charge. 

Finch decides to start talking, and it looks as though he is talking to the FBI agent, however it become very clear that he is talking to Samaritan, when he says, "I'm going to kill you, I just need to decide." He then says he is trying to decide how many of his own rules he will break to achieve this. Elias was right. And he got his wish. He is not around to see that pot boil over.

Finch is being taken to a cell to be held while the FBI gather evidence and files, and the Machine calls him on a payphone that he is standing right next to. It's Root, but she is not alive, Root has become the Machine and she has chosen a voice. We then see Fusco standing over Root's body, and she looks very dead to me. Fusco call Reese and give him the news. He tells Shaw that they need to get the Finch and that The Machine gave them his number because she knows he is going to become a perpetrator. The Machine shuts down the power at the jail where Finch is and more than six hundred prisoners are on the loose. Finch ordered the Machine to make this happen and this is just the beginning.

The episode had a lot of foreshadowing that Root was going to meet her end, however this was something that I and many other viewers did not pick up on. I was pretty shocked at Root's death, but I was not surprised that Elias died. Perhaps because many viewers expected the deaths of Team Machine to happen in the finale. We now have three episodes to go, and I hate that fact, but I am on board for the ride, I am loving this season and I really think that Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman will not let us down. I just wish that CBS, Warner Brothers (WB) and Bad Robot has not let us down and kept this show on the air. I get why CBS did not keep it around, given they made no money on the advertising last season. I will never understand why Bad Robot and WB did not fight to keep this show on the air.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Person of Interest is the best show on TV that I've ever watched and I am amongst good company here. Millions of fans agree with me and CBS, WB and Bad Robot are idiots for letting this show end.

Did you enjoy the 100th episode? Or did you hate it? This was the only party the cast and crew got. Apparently this shows budget was cut by half, so there was no money left for a wrap party. I have never heard of this happening, especially on a popular TV show. Money dictates the end of this show. As for quality, it is the best show I've ever watched, and nothing will ever compare to it.

Highlights: When Finch told Samaritan he was going to kill him. Root and Shaw flirting while shooting assassins. Root driving the car with her boot, while blowing up the assassins car. 

Person of Interest's 100th episode was probably one of the best episodes of TV that I have ever seen. If you have never watched this show, then I really recommend this show. The DVDs are available for Season 1-4 and Season 5 will be available soon.

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