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Does Person Of Interest Deserve To Be Renewed?

What is wrong with some people? How does one judge whether a TV show deserves to come back to TV? It is clear as mud to me, TV shows deserve to come back based on the quality of the story, acting, directing, writing and obviously the amount of fans who want it to happen.

What is clear to many fans, even those who do not think POI should be renewed, is that POI was a unique and excellent example of fantastic, entertaining and thought provoking television. Not all fans want it to return, but perhaps that is a little fear of the unknown going on there. I can tell you that not many fans want the show back with Reese and/or Root. I'm actually one of those fans, however if a reboot were to be made, I would give it a go on one condition, there would need to be at least two or more of the original cast or I don't think I would waste my time.

Anyway, getting the point of this blog, I recently read an article regarding TV shows that deserve to come back. I cannot say I disagreed with much of it, but I was appalled that Person of Interest was not on the list. What the hell is this writer thinking? He or she obviously never watched Person of Interest.

I made a comment on the article and referenced a few shows that I felt did deserve to return. Most of these shows are TV that I've not seen yet, so I am basing this opinion on what the critics have said about these shows.

And yes I know, my love for Person of Interest is my opinion, but come on, no one can deny what a great show it was. It should have been on that list in my opinion. Besides, what makes a TV show deserving of renewal in the fans eyes?

Sure ratings is what kills or keeps a show alive, but as far as many of us are concerned, the ratings really don't give an accurate picture of how many viewers actually watch said TV show. Person of Interest's Live +7 ratings were very high and based on those numbers, it should still be on the air.

Here is an edited version of the comment I made:

I completely agree with those fans asking for Forever to return, I never checked it out because it ended after one season. Hannibal and Firefly was also well supported with petitions signed by many thousands of fans for these shows to return. Person of Interest had a long way to go in terms of story arcs that Nolan had planned. Some of those ideas have gone over to Westworld, but Nolan maintains he would still love to keep making POI and personally for me, I would love to see those stories in Nolan's head played out on screen.

As for Firefly, there has been so much support for it, so perhaps this is why it is number two, was it? And Hannibal was number one? I really think the only reason Netflix has not jumped on some of these shows is possibly the availability of cast and maybe the cost to make some of these shows. Also Firefly was awhile ago and perhaps new seasons just would not work. I have never seen the show so I don't know.

I stopped watching shows that are in their first seasons a long time ago, most of them anyway. I recently tried out Notorious (big mistake) which will be canned; I'm sure of it and then the show-runner ends with a cliffhanger knowing full well their 13 episode season was cut to 10 episodes. I also watch Designated Survivor which I feel very confident will return. It's hard to explain, but I am so tired of getting into a show and then having the show end on a cliffhanger. At least Nolan and co saw the writing on the wall and wrapped up the POI story as best they could and they did do a good job, very smartly leaving little doors of story-line ajar for a return. Loved that show, can't say it enough, for me, it has to come back.

Link to the article to read more.

So that's all for my little rant today, stay tuned for Harper Rose's update a bit later with a review from the recent Walking Dead episode on Spoiler TV.

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