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The Person Of Interest Novel #1 Negotiations Have Broken Down

Don't be taken in by the various online stores offering this book for pre-order. No official announcement has been made regarding a Person of Interest novel.

Back in January of this year, Peter Watts published this blog post regarding the work he has been doing on a new Person of Interest novel.

Contract negotiations fell apart not long after this and Watts posted his version of events here.

It will be a crying shame if a book based on POI never sees the light of day

Peter Watts had an agreement with certain interested parties to keep quiet about the project, but given the plan for this book was leaked and the book is being offered to customers as a pre-order, Peter Watts felt he should speak up and set the record straight. He also wanted to clarify that he was not responsible for book being listed for sale on Amazon and other online bookstores. He also pointed out that contract issues were still being ironed out.

Setting the record straight was probably not a good idea, because days later Peter Watts' contract was dead in the water. Peter Watts was blamed for the leaks and the fact that the book was listed on various online bookstores. The author was adamant that he had stuck to the terms of his contract and for the life of me, (and as a writer myself), I don't see why any writer would sabotage himself in this way. Something else is going on here. Getting a book published is hard enough, so why would the book's author sabotage his contract.

It is my hope and the hope of many Person of Interest fans that this book and perhaps other books based on the series will see the light of day eventually. You only have to look at the success of other books that are based on a popular TV series. 24, The 100, The Walking Dead and many more.


The above books are bestsellers, a Person of Interest book would sell millions of copies

If you happen to be surfing the Internet looking for Person of Interest merchandise like I have recently, do not be fooled by the link offering the Person of Interest, Novel #1 for pre-order. My example of one listing is below:

Person Of Interest Novel #1 on Amazon Canada.

To be clear, these online bookstores are not trying to scam anyone. They honestly believe that there will be a Person of Interest novel coming out. It is also possible that this book is in the works and the author has been told to keep quiet about any negotiations. It possible his second blog post was written on the advice of his agent. Perhaps Bad Robot, Warner Bros and other interested parties want to keep this book a secret. For my sake and the millions of Person of Interest fans worldwide, I really hope that this is what's actually going on.

The Mayhem Twins - So awesome, everywhere they went, a mess was sure to follow

Given that the final episode of Person of Interest just went to air last week, I can imagine that many fans are searching the web for DVDs, T Shirts, and other merchandise. It is my intention to own as much Person of Interest memorabilia as possible, so I can certainly see how fans might be taken in by this listing on Amazon and many others at various online bookshops.

If I had to bet on the outcome of whether a Person of Interest book will be available one day, I would have to say that there is a pretty good chance we will see a Person of Interest book or perhaps a series of books. While this would be awesome, it would be even better if the series were to continue. Fans can help to convince other networks to pick up Person of Interest for a few more seasons. To learn more about this, see the info and a link to the Save Person of Interest further down.

Given that the millions of fans are now mourning this show, it would be nice to hear some good news regarding the plans for this novel. It is my understanding that Peter Watts has already written the book, so I'm hoping this book will be released eventually. In the meantime, we can keep up the fight to get Person of Interest back on the air.

The story that Jonah Nolan, Greg Plageman, Denise The and the other wonderful Person of Interest writers were telling was cut horribly short thanks to the greed of the CBS network. Show the other networks how much you love Person of Interest and tell them that this story needs to continue. Sign the petition below:

Save Person of Interest Petition

Support the POI Initiative and help Save Person Of Interest.

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